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Amidst increasing levels of deliveries, fleets face changing weather and a global pandemic.

Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward
4 February 2021

February 2021 is a complex time for fleets, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen an increase in home deliveries, these current high levels are expected to remain as part of our ‘new normal’. Fleet operators have another variable added to the equation, weather. 

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The 10-year average for weather related vehicle crashes stands at 21%.1
“Fleet managers have an obligation to ensure that they are maintaining their vehicles to take the pressure off garages and breakdown recovery services during this time. Additionally, for those fleet drivers that have contact with the public, fleet managers have had an obligation to ensure that their drivers have been maintaining social distancing under appropriate government guidelines.”2
The World Economic Forum discusses how we have been playing a game of Jenga with the climate. Unfortunately it is likely we will soon remove a pivotal block and the damage will be irreversible.3
The figures show that 52% of consumers are buying more online from domestic retailers with 49% stating they will do so more in the future. The environmental impact of increased traffic makes this trend is somewhat concerning. This is why companies need to move faster on green initiatives.4
As the FIAG Road Safety Pays Dividend guide mentions, a greener future will need to be a post Covid-19 factor. Green and electric vehicles will need to be a significant consideration within business decision making.5 Leaders of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) recently called for pandemic recovery funds to be channelled into a green comeback. 
This information is vitally important with the ever-increasing demand on fleets, taking into account severe and changing weather. The need to move to greener fleets is urgent in order to balance the environmental impact. 
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