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Children's Road Safety in Armenia

Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward
26 May 2021

The National Road Safety Council NGO in Armenia (NRSC) has completed a successful campaign to use an adapted version of the EASST Road Safety Education Pack to deliver road safety education. The e-course hosted by EASST Academy has reached over 160,000 school kids over 10 days. 

Utilising the EASST Academy online training experience, the EASST Road Safety Education Pack, the support of the partners and the local road safety expertise of the NRSC, children's road safety has been improved across Armenia. 

The EASST Academy offers a free course on how to effectively use the EASST Road Safety Education Pack. On average more than 500 under 18’s die on the world’s roads each day. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people in every world region. 

Educators can help protect children by teaching them life-saving messages and skills. Making young people aware of the risks and providing them with strategies to remain safe are important parts of their development.