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Find out how Moldova’s public transport department prioritised occupational road safety and reduced serious collisions in their fleet by 48 per cent.

By: Emma MacLennan, EASST Academy
By: Emma MacLennan, EASST Academy
1 May 2020

In 2012, a serious bus crash in Moldova raised the issue of safer public transport high on the political agenda. Building upon a momentum for action, EASST worked in partnership with the Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM) and with support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), to establish a local Occupational Road Safety Working Party. The aim? To reduce the number of road fatalities and injuries involving public transport vehicles in Moldova.

Three years later, in 2015, the Moldovan transport department and police in Chisinau released new data showing that the plan was working, with a continuing decline in public transport related road crashes and injuries.

How it was achieved: a life-saving strategy

1. Creating partnerships

Partnerships are vital for good road safety governance and ensuring interventions are carried out in an effective way -enabling all stakeholders to share information, data and strategies and reduce road casualties across all modes of transport. In 2012, the ACM and EASST worked with the Kent & Medway Casualty Reduction Partnershipto train local municipalities in Moldova on how to reduce road deaths through effective local partnerships. The project brought road safety experts from the UK, Georgia and Armenia to Moldova to assist in setting up and developing local road safety partnerships. As a result, road police and public transport providers in Chisinau were able to come together to share a common vision and develop a casualty reduction strategy that has made a real difference to ensuring safety inthe city.

2. Establishing an Occupational Road Safety Working Party

In 2013, Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz, along with the Moldovan Interior Minister and Chief of Police joined together to launch the ‘Safe Driving for Life’ campaign to tackle the high rate of work-related road injuries in Moldova. The campaign launch saw an unprecedented commitment from local business leaders, diplomats, and public officials, including the managers of local public transport fleets, who all signed a ‘Safe Driving' pledge and agreeda common approach to reducing the cost of crashes and injuries through the formation of an Occupational Road Safety Working Party, and promoting a safe driving culture within their organisations.

3. Building capacity

A UK study tour was organised in November 2013 to give members of the Working Party an opportunity to better understand the practical application of occupational road safety policies. During the visit, they were able to see at first hand the measures taken by leading UK-based companies to reduce road risk in their businesses through a combination of site visits and meetings. The group returned to Moldova with a detailed knowledge of UK occupational road safety policies and best practice with a view to implementing changes within their workplaces.

4. An ongoing commitment

Since then the Working Group have met regularly and implemented impressive improvements to their fleet management practices – including better monitoring of costs and road incidents, better testing of drivers and vehicles, better communication with drivers, steps to improve motivation and training, and safer forecourt design.These steps have not only reduced casualties but also reduced the cost of road collisions. For example, the Chisinau Trolley Bus Company reduced their crash-related costs by more than half. While the natural gas company, Fenosa, have seen a 55% reduction in collisions caused by their drivers.

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