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How to save on your company’s fuel costs and reduce emissions

Getting your drivers to develop these good habits will significantly reduce fuel consumption – saving your company money and reducing emissions.

Reduce speed

Higher speeds mean higher drag, which increases fuel consumption. On motorways most vehicles have best fuel economy between 70-95kph. Every 8kph over 95kph increases fuel use 7-10%. Lower speeds require less stopping distance, avoiding hard braking – which also uses more fuel.

Drive consistently and smoothly

Driving smoothly and steadily uses less fuel than driving the same average speed with extreme variations. Quick starts at traffic lights and driving at faster speeds with hard braking increase fuel use.

Start slow and easy 

When moving from a stationary position, start slowly and easily, with not too much throttle. An ‘aggressive’ start can reduce fuel economy by more than 80%. Drivers are also more likely to crash with fast starts!

Anticipate – avoid using brakes

Don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front and select a lane that will make it less necessary to brake. Anticipating traffic signals and slowing down in time can save on fuel consumption.

Choose the correct gear

Being in the wrong gear wastes fuel. Change to a higher gear as soon as possible – this reduces the car engine speed and internal friction, helping to save fuel.

Coast downhill when possible

Take your foot off the throttle down hill to save fuel, but keep the vehicle in gear. Coasting in neutral reduces driver control. Coast up to traffic lights too.

Don’t idle the engine

Don’t idle the engine to ‘warm up,’ but do drive slowly. If you have to stop for more than one minute, it saves fuel to switch the engine off. Idling for 2 minutes uses as much fuel as driving 2 km. Idling engines are not good around schools!

Use air conditioning sensibly

Air conditioning increases fuel consumption by up to 20%. If you are going less than 80 kph and it’s hot, open the window! Over 80 kph it is better to close your windows and use the air conditioner – open windows create drag and reduce fuel economy