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Main Elements of Road Safety Management

Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward
26 May 2021

Andrew Kemp, former Occupational Road Risk Manager, Tesco.com shares his expertise on the main elements of road safety management. 

In Lecture 2 of our course “Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers” we examine the importance of driver records and vehicle safety checks. Examples of best practice in fleet management show effective ways to monitor and assess your progress.

Andrew explains in helpful detail the process the team conducted to assess the level of road safety practices and how they managed the fleet to improve on it. In the second part of Lecture 2 you will be able to look at a real life operation in Aylesford, Kent, to see how safety is done practically in the real world.

Our EASST Academy Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers is the ideal way to make sure your company complies with fleet management best practice and keep your workforce, as well as your brand, safe on the roads. 

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