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New global initiative aims to tackle work-place road safety and sustainability

Emma MacLennan, Director, EASST
Emma MacLennan, Director, EASST
21 February 2019

EASST’s Emma MacLennan joins a distinguished rostrum of road safety professionals as member of the new Global Fleet Champions Standards Committee to tackle work-place road safety.


Work-related road deathsLow and middle-income countries often have the poorest quality and most dangerous fleets – including public transport fleets, public service fleets and private commercial fleets. However where good fleet management is practised, it has been shown to have a strong impact on fleet safety, reducing the number and financial cost of collisions as well as the number of deaths and injuries.


I am delighted to have been invited to join the Global Fleet Champions Standards Committee along with two of our distinguished EASST Academy course instructors, Professor Lisa Dorn and Andy Price, to promote good fleet practice around the globe, including in countries currently facing some of the greatest challenges.


Global Fleet Champions is a not-for-profit campaign administered by Brake, the road safety charity, to prevent crashes and pollution caused by vehicles used for work purposes.


The World Health Organisation’s 2018 Global Status Report on Road Safety revealed that road crashes are now the leading cause of death for children and young adults and the eighth leading cause of death globally. With 1 in 3 road deaths involving people driving for work purposes, tackling this issue is vital.


“Global Fleet Champions is free to join and calls on all organisations that employ people who drive for work to prioritise safety and sustainability of movement, through good leadership and by adopting robust policies and procedures for driver behaviour, vehicle standards and journey routing. The campaign also calls on governments to regulate and enforce the safe, sustainable operation of vehicles that move goods and people, through licensing and traffic rules, road policing and tougher penalties."


Find out more at globalfleetchampions.org


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