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Pioneering safe fleet management training in Ukraine

11 July 2019

'Your Safety' training centre deliver Ukraine's first safe fleet management course blending our 'Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers' with in-person training with local road safety experts. 

In late May, EASST Academy's partners in Ukraine - 'Your Safety' training centre based in Kiev - successfully organised a two-day classroom based course on safe fleet management blending our ‘Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers’ with in-person training moderated by Alexandra Kravchuk from 'Your Safety' and supported by local road safety experts.

Ukraine is a key transit corridor connecting Europe and in recent years has seen vast road rehabilitation projects - making it easier and faster for companies to transit their goods across the country. However, along with this comes added road risk.

The lack of a proper fleet safety system can negatively affect both the profit and the reputation of any organisation. Companies that are actively implementing transport safety management systems achieve significant savings from reducing insurance claims, reducing vehicle repair costs, and reducing staff turnover due to road traffic collisions.

During the training, participants were shown video lectures from our 'Road Safety at Work: Online Course' as well as taking part in activities and presentations prepared by the local trainers and instructors. A number of participants told us that the course was especially helpful in developing their overall understanding of why and how safe fleet management systems work, and that it motivated them to go away and work on improving the road safety culture in their organisations. One of the fleet managers said after the training:

"Thank you for such a valuable and informative training. We will now prepare and put forward our presentation on importance of fleet safety for the management of the company!"

Another participant mentioned:

"There is now an understanding of what a fleet safety system is and how to set it up in a company. This training gave us step-by-step instructions for this. Our company has a large fleet of about 3,000 different vehicles. We hope that after this training and our new safety measures the accident rate in the company will decrease considerably."

The training was the first of its kind to be held in Ukraine, and given that one in three road crashes involve people driving for work purposes globally, promoting fleet safety management and safe driving at work will go a long way to reducing road risk and saving lives on the road.


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