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Protect yourself and your cargo

25 July 2018

Security incidents can have devastating consequences for carriers. Find out how you can safeguard your company from cargo theft and other security risks with our new partner course.

Cargo theft is a huge challenge for businesses. An article published by Lloyd’s Loading List earlier this year revealed that in Germany a new truck is attacked every 20 minutes resulting in product losses of up to €1.3 billon a year.

The price of cargo theft is high. In addition to product losses, businesses can incur insurance losses, business interruption and damage to vehicles, costing up to a further €900 million.

Cargo theft hits road transport and drivers especially hard, as most cargo is lost in transit. Not only is this devastating for your company’s bottom line, but there is also a significant impact on road safety.

In addition to targeted attacks when trucks are parked up – which nonetheless may damage the vehicle and make it un-roadworthy - many attacks actually occur while the vehicle is in motion. This problem is not limited to high-value loads. Less protected lower-value loads are also tempting targets.

Truck drivers are six times more likely to be injured or physically assaulted in a road traffic incident than other drivers.

Fleet managers have a duty of care to ensure their company’s cargo and drivers remain safe, as well as doing everything they can to protect the wider public from the consequences of dangerous roads – and therefore need to ensure proper security procedures are in place to prevent cargo theft.

To help minimise such security risk throughout transport operations, EASST Academy is delighted to now feature ‘Protect yourself and your cargo’, an e-learning course delivered by IRU Academy and the Transported Asset Protection Association(TAPA) – the leading global supply chain security association.

The course is a must for any fleet manager and professional driver carrying any type of goods. It takes less than an hour to complete and covers all security topics relevant for truck drivers including:

  • Awareness of security threats and their consequences
  • How to plan routes to reduce risk exposure
  • How and when to conduct vehicle inspections
  • How to spot illegal immigrants, mistakes in cargo documents, and signs of vehicle tampering
  • The value of confidentiality and appropriate use of social media
  • How to react if an incident occurs

Visit our course page to find out more about the course or find out how to sign up.