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Representing your brand with your fleet safety

Elizabeth Ward
Elizabeth Ward
25 March 2021

Driving for work is more than just that, your brand is represented as part of the driving standard. This is another reason to keep the road safety standard high beyond the vital health and safety reasons. 
Our EASST Academy Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers is the ideal way to make sure your company complies with fleet management best practice and keep your workforce, as well as your brand, safe on the roads. By offering the course online we can reach people who may not have had the time to commit to classroom-based lectures. And it’s also significantly cheaper than traditional training programmes – making world-class road safety education more accessible and affordable.
In Lecture three of our course, Alison Moriarty, the former Fleet Risk and Compliance Manager at Skanska outlines: “Many of you will also have your company name on your vehicles. When your drivers are driving courteously and safely, it will improve the public’s image of you as a company.”
“One of the big mistakes that companies make is thinking putting a lot of money into training of any kind, will make improvements. This is often very short-lived and can have a very small effect in the long-term. Training should be targeted at driver behaviours.”
As well as monitoring safety standards and providing high quality training Alison suggests: 
“That everybody likes to be valued and it’s often just the act of congratulating somebody that’s the real reward. Rewards don’t have to be financial or elaborate. Sometimes a trophy or a certificate can work just as well and make drivers strive to improve and beat their colleagues.”
Good fleet management will not necessarily be resolved by allocating a large budget to the training. It is important to keep your drivers engaged, make sure they are appreciated and to remind them that their driving represents the company’s brand.  
The Fleet Safety Manager duties are covered by instructor Alison Moriarty in lecture three of the EASST Academy Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers. Go to the course to learn more.
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