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When safety standards and road safety methods do work to save lives

By: Dmitry Sambuk, EASST Academy
By: Dmitry Sambuk, EASST Academy
15 December 2020

David Ward, the President and CEO of the Towards Zero Foundation, and previously Director General of the FIA Foundation has released a powerful piece on vehicle safety following Romain Grosjean F1 crash. He highlights the importance of the work that lead to the high safety standards in F1, this work has also brought change to vehicle standards to road vehicles.
‘’Grosjean’s survival is, therefore, a powerful reminder of the FIA’s role as the sport’s regulatory authority and the importance of demonstrating leadership on safety. Over 87% of cars sold in the EU have a Euro NCAP rating and 79% achieve the top-level score of five stars.’’
This is a very important road safety standard to uphold with the rising trend of staff using their own vehicles for work-related purposes. Read more about managing work-related road risk in private vehicles here in our blog post. 
The continuing high level road safety work includes the UN General Assembly adopting a resolution on road safety that mandates a new Decade of Action for Road Safety with a target to halve road deaths by 2030.
‘’To dramatically reduce the 1.3 million people killed in road crashes each year is a major challenge. It will require new investment in road infrastructure, mandating more vehicle safety technology, and tougher enforcement especially against speeding.’’
In lecture six of our Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers David Ward covers the key responsibilities and duties in terms of vehicle management for fleet safety managers such as the business case for choosing ‘5 star’ NCAP vehicles. If you'd like to learn more, sign up for the course today.

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