Road Safety at Work: Online Course for Managers

by Cranfield University, EASST and IRU Academy

Managing Occupational Road Safety Course

Developed in partnership with Cranfield University and IRU Academy, this accredited and CPD-certified occupational road safety e-learning course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to set up, run and monitor effective road safety management system at work.

The course is delivered through 10 comprehensive video lectures lead by 8 industry experts. It is blended with animation case studies, reading materials, presentations and quizzes. Real examples of effective fleet management systems and best practice are used throughout with accompanying material to learn and download as you go.


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8 expert course instructors
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Learning Outcomes

As well as strengthening your logistical know-how, this course will help you develop the necessary leadership skills to communicate and implement your fleet management strategy effectively; whether it’s presenting a case for more investment to senior management, rolling out a new training programme or appointing key personnel.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand How to Reduce Insurance Costs
  • Know How to Lower the Damage to Vehicles and Goods
  • Achieve Significant Reduction in Working Time Lost Through Accidents
  • Manage and Assess Driver Behaviour Effectively
  • Get Better Staff Retention
  • Enure the Safety of Fleet Vehicles
  • Understand How Poor Road Safety Affects Profitability and Reputation


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Who Should Take This Course

The course is aimed at Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Small Business Owners, anyone with the responsibility for occupational road risk management and who is directly responsible for managing or leading others.

  • Fleet and Compliance managers
  • Transport, Occupational Health and Safety professionals
  • Managers of all levels with an interest in workplace safety
  • Employees or drivers looking to broaden their skills and enhance their CV


Ian Procter, Director,

“This is an excellent course. It is highly relevant, the learning is transferable, your partners are top draw, it is accessible and importantly it is accredited!"

Clayton Omwanga, Roving Safety and Security Adviser, Save the Children

"This training is definitely very useful for both fleet and in some cases for non-fleet managers. This course is useful and will definitely add value to the organization!"

Len Woodman , Driver Development Officer, City of Sydney, NSW Australia

“Thank you! The course has been of great value to me."

Natalie Draisin, Director, FIA Foundation

"I finished EASST Academy training and found it extremely informative and helpful! I’d recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about how to keep employees, and their families safe on the roads. Thank you again!"

Ali Zayerzadeh, Road Safety Specialist, Khorasan Razavi Transportation & Terminals Organisation

"Lecture 10 on Development of Action Plan was a brilliant guide to answer my question "OK, now what should I do to start a successful plan?" Looking for the next spectacular course from EASST Academy!"

John Seraj, Driver, Selwyns Travel

"It’s a very informative course, supported by some of worlds largest companies. It offers valuable insight into everyday aspects of road safety that are often overlooked, and more importantly this course helps with developing knowledge and confidence".



Upon successful completion of the Final Test you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from Cranfield University, IRU Academy and EASST.

Sign up to the course and create your profile. Complete the course at your own pace.

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Pass all the quizzes and the final exam within 180 days and receive your certificate of completion. 

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Lecture 1: Making the Case For Fleet Safety Management

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Video Lecture 1 (9:53 min)

We set the stage for the course, explaining why road safety is a significant risk for people at work. And why these risks need to be properly managed.

You can see this lecture for free

Lecture 2: Main Elements of Fleet Safety Management

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Video Lecture 2 (13:10 min):

The importance of doing regular safety checks and keeping accurate records; examples show how it's done. We also cover route plans and adequate timetabling - with an excellent best practice example from

Lecture 3: The Fleet Safety Manager

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Video Lecture 3 (8:11 min):

These examples show the key personnel involved in managing and monitoring road safety in different sized companies.

Lecture 4: Financial Management - Monitoring costs and keeping records

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Video Lecture 4. Part 1 (13:45 min)

How an insurance premium is developed, the impact of size and the total cost of risk.

Lecture 5: Driver Behaviour and Effective Driver Management

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Video Lecture 5. Part 1 (13:04 min)

How to manage drivers: how better to recruit and train.

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Video Lecture 6. Part 1 (09:45 min)

In this lecture by FTA we look at safety checks: What's needed, how to do them, how to keep track. We’ll explore maintenance schedules and loading.

Lecture 7: Managing the Work Environment

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Video Lecture 7. Part 1 (09:38 min)

How to ensure drivers are not exposed to pressures that put them at risk. How to manage workloads and pressures including time pressure, speed, distraction and fatigue.

Lecture 8: Monitoring and Evaluation

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Video Lecture 8. Part 1 (7:46 min)

Why monitoring and evaluation are crucial. We also look at safety indicators.

Lecture 9: Corporate Standards - Being a Leader in Fleet Safety

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Lecture 9. Video Interview 1 (7:22 min)

Interview with Bernd Marx, General Manager, Group Road Safety, Shell

Lecture 10: Development of a Fleet Management Action Plan

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Video Lecture 10 (10:00 min)

This lecture sums up the course and helps you to develop action plans – both for yourself and for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the course take to complete?

There’s no set time limit – you can work through the course lectures at your own pace. To receive the Certificate of Completion you do have to complete the course and take the final test within 180 days from payment. If you don’t, the certificate will expire.

Most people spend between 4-5 hours over a week doing the course so there’s plenty of time for you to get your certificate.


How long is a course available?

Once you register for the course – it’s yours. For life. You can go back to watch the lectures and access the material any time. The course never expires.


Do I need the certificate?

That’s up to you. However, the Certificate of Completion from Cranfield University, IRU and EASST Academy can be a good thing to have. It’s an achievement you can add to your LinkedIn profile and it’s a great way to boost you CV.


How does your money-back guarantee work?

If the course doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll refund you in full. All you need to do is to Contact us. Our money-back guarantee lasts for 14 days from purchase.

However, if you already passed and downloaded 60% of the course and/or the certificate issued before the refund request, we may reject your claim. We’re confident, though, that you won’t be disappointed!


Is the course available in other languages?

At the moment the course is available in English, Russian and with Kazakh subtitles. We’re working hard on translating the course into more languages to make it even more accessible for managers around the world.


I want to take the course. What do I do now?

That’s great. You can sign up here.