Protect Yourself and Your Cargo

Protect Yourself and Your Cargo

by IRU Academy and TAPA 

About the course

Cargo theft is one of the top threats to the supply chain. It hits road transport – and drivers – especially hard as cargo is most vulnerable while in transit. The problem is not limited to high-value loads. Less protected lower-value loads are also tempting targets.

Security incidents can have devastating consequences for carriers, even those who are properly insured.

The IRU Academy and the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) – the leading global supply chain security association – have developed this e-learning course to allow drivers to minimise security risk throughout transport operations. The course focuses on cargo theft but also covers related security risks.

How is it organized?

In less than an hour, the course covers all security topics relevant for truck drivers including:

  • Awareness of security threats and their consequences
  • How to plan routes to reduce risk exposure
  • How and when to conduct vehicle inspections
  • How to spot illegal immigrants, mistakes in cargo documents, and signs of vehicle tampering
  • The value of confidentiality and appropriate use of social media
  • How to react if an incident occurs

Who Is It For?

The course provides consistent, reliable, generally applicable best practice for professional drivers carrying any type of goods.

A version specific to the transport of high-value goods is also available.


The IRU Academy provides a certificate for completing the course on the IRU Academy’s platform.

The certificate (if any) provided by users completing the course on platforms not managed by the IRU Academy is not under IRU Academy’s control.


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